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Sunday, October 23, 2005

Extreme Makeover - Home Edition...

Am I the only person who does not like this show? My wife enjoys it, but it always upsets me when I watch it with her. Tonight, they built a house and barn, gave a single mother 2 vehicles (the dad die in a manner I do not recall), filled the barn with stray, and planted 20 acres with grain.

They shows talks about deserving families. Well, there are thousands of families in the same situation. What makes one family more deserving?

The host and crew are not put out in terms of $. They surely get paid for their time. Sears donates material, community members donate time, and sometimes stars show up (it was Randy Travis tonight).

Is it the fact that ABC has a top-rated show that feeds off the needs of people? Is it ok since someone gets helped?

I am happy that people get helped, but something about the show rubs me the wrong way.

Just thinking...