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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Anti-CIA Protest at Virginia Tech

I read an article in the Virginia Tech Collegiate Times about an anti-CIA protest at Virginia Tech (VT). The protesters were concerned about the covert network of secret prisons and the CIA's "Enhanced Interrogation Techniques." Apparrently these techniques cause "immeasurable harm on the image of the American public." According to an amendment sponsored by John McCain, the CIA interrogations hurt MY image. Well, for the work they do to protect me, I'm OK with it. Also, the organizers said

individuals can make their own decisions, but he said a prohibition should be placed on CIA recruitment on campus.

This is irrational because the choice is being removed.

Anyway, I was moved by this protest. Moved to take action. I plan to apply for a CIA job because of the good work they are doing!

Why outlaw torture? In an article by Thomas Sowell, he insists that there are isolated incidents of individuals abusing authority and abusing the existing laws. Similar to those who abuse the laws against murder. The solution is not more legislation, it is enforcement.

Consider this...

"If a captured terrorist knows where a nuclear bomb has been planted in some American city, and when it is timed to go off, are millions of Americans to be allowed to be incinerated because we have become too squeamish to get that information out of him by whatever means are necessary?"

And it would be foolish to allow captured terrorists to stonewall indefinitely without the fear of using "Enhanced Interrogation Techniques". Added to the mix, anyone can claim anything as torture. Rap music may be music to your ears, but it is torture to me.

Mr. Sowell conclcudes'

After decades of ignoring the fact that rights and responsibilities go together, it was perhaps inevitable that an under-educated and easily confused generation should include some who do not understand that the rights granted to captured troops by the Geneva Convention apply to those who have accepted the terms of the Geneva Convention. It does not apply to people who are not troops and who have blatantly violated the whole framework of that convention.

I agree! It is madness to tie our hands in any way when dealing with international terrorists.


Blogger José Roldan said...


You fail to see the broader consequences of non-principled thought and action. Beware lest the same techniques used against our enemies are used someday against us.

My counter-point to Sowell's column. 1st paragraph:

Honor. Integrity. Principles. These qualities of a great nation have fallen by the wayside as the moral degeneration continues to lower America's standing in the world. The latest argument of shameful self-abasement comes from academics, columnists, and leaders that justify the inhumane treatment of other human beings, specifically rationalizing the use of torture against suspected terrorists or captured insurgents...

5:12 PM  
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