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Saturday, November 19, 2005

College kids and the UN

College students trust the UN more than they trust our federal government. This from a poll from the Harvard University Trust. Read it here

Who do students trust?

UN 52%
federal government 45%
president Bush 39%
military 65%
Supreme Court 60%

This compared to the general public where 44% DO NOT trust the UN.

Trust the UN! Do college students ever check the news? UN scandals include oil-for-food, UN peacekeepers raping girls in Africa, a constant hatred for the USA and Israel, terrorist states Lybia and Syria serving on the Human Right Commission, wanting control of the internet, and the list goes on.

The UN is an evil, power-hungry entity that does not answer to anyone. It is anti-American and uses our land, resources, and funding. The UN cannot be trusted to do what's best for America.

Why are they trusted by college students? Because of "a biased interpretation of the work of the UN and other international institutions through liberal professors who tend to dominate the majority of American campuses."

We have seen the studies about the dominance of liberal professors, and now we can see some of those results. Hopefully, after living in the real world, as opposed to the protected environment of a college, these kids will come to see the truth.



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