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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

National Day of Counter-Recruitment

If you did not know it, today was National Day of Counter-Recruitment. See the announcement here. Apparently, they are protesting the Solomon Amendment which "allows the government to cut off federal funding from schools that ban military recruiters." The claim is that the Don't Ask-Don't Tell policy for homosexuals violates the school's anti discrimination policy.

Then the US is accused of using weapons of mass destruction. The flyer says "US used chemical weapons (white phosphorus) in Fallujah, laying bare the truth about exactly who is using "weapons of mass destruction" in Iraq." Accusing our military of using WMD. This is pathetic!

Isn't it ironic that law professors, who rant from their podiums throughout the academic year, oppose the one-day-a-semester presence of military recruiters. Law schools, weeks from pronouncing their seniors ready to practice law, argue that they are unable to discern whether the military is an ethical employer; and law professors, who demand the right to speak, deny law students the ability to hear the speech of military recruiters. (link)

The military is like the police force. Everyone talks bad about them until there is trouble. When that trouble arrives, who gets called first? The military (and the police.) And it seems the people yelling loudest for help are the ones who were just bad-mouthing the military.

May God bless the military and their families!


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