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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Do Dogs Have Feelings?

Do dogs have feelings? This was the subject of a discussion at my house the other night. My opponent took the "Yes they do" side. I, on the other hand, said "Nope, no way, dogs are dogs." And it went something like this.

Opponent: Dogs have feelings. They get happy to see me when I come home. Just look at that face, see how sad he looks. Dogs have feelings because the dog whisperer told me so. Who do dogs wag their tale? They wag it when they are happy. He licks my face. He loves me!

Me: Oh, ye who speaks out of ignorance. You confuse feelings with emotions. Dogs have feelings. They feel hot and cold and feel it when they get hit by a truck (I actually ran over my own dog once and he still lives today...and it good health). Dogs feel it when they get hungry and when they need to do #2.

However, dogs have no emotions, such as love, anger, hate, jealously, etc. Instead, they have instincts and learned responses. Instincts like biting someone if they kick me, self protection, food guarding, and finding something to eat when hungry. Learned, or trained, responses such as sitting, shaking hands, playing dead, and speaking. Recall Pavlov's dog.

Although we believe we see happiness and sadness in the face of our pets. It really is just normal doggy behavior.

Dogs do have feelings, but dogs have no emotions.

P.S. I won this debate!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dogs have feelings. They are living beings just like us and to think that they simple exist without anything but instincts in like saying that a car can go without an engine.

3:09 AM  
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