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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Razor War

The Gillette Fusion is the latest volley in the razor war. With 5 blades and a lube strip on the front and 1 blade and a lube strip on the back, it is the new Ferrari of razors. Plus, add an optional micro-chip, battery operated model with a low battery indicator, and auto shut down feature and this hand-held razor is more complicated than my first car (1977 Ford Mustang II, Mach I in bright auqa glow paint).

But why is it needed? How many blades are enough? Going from a single blade to a twin blade was OK. But now its up to 5 (6 if you count the blade on the back). For my money, the greatest razor invention was the swivel that is useful.

As the number of blades continues to increase, and the electronics become more complicated, a new animal will evolve - its called the electric razor, and we have it now!

I dare say that few men shave using a single stroke to cover an area. I sometimes use 3 strokes down and 1 stroke up to get that clean feeling. Having more blades does not change my routine.

And doesn't this single blade on the back (aka precision trimmer) represent a "throw back" razor? Afterall, if 1 blade is insufficient to shave the face, how can a single blade to the job on those pesky sideburns?

Too many razor choices for me. I thing I will go back to a straight razor and forget the whole thing.


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