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Sunday, February 12, 2006

Are there tolls in your future?

There could be tolls in your future if you drive I-95 or I-85 between Virginia and North Carolina.

Looks like Virginia/North Carolina do not want to be outdone by those hillbillies in West Virginia who recently raise tolls on I-77 from $1.25 to $2.00.

Sen. Frank W. Wagner, R-Virginia Beach, said he envisioned a toll of $5 a car, with a higher fee for trucks. The fees could generate $100 million a year
I can only imagine the traffic that will back up at these toll booths. The reason for the tolls are said to be two fold.

1. renovate the two interstate highways
2. revenge!..."They pick our pockets in Maryland, they pick our pockets in Delaware, they pick our pockets in New Jersey," he said of the tolls imposed on highways north of Virginia.

Nothing like a little revenge as an excuse to put up a toll gate. Besides,

Because 30 percent of the motorists on Virginia highways come from out-of-state, tolls would allow non-Virginians to help improve Virginia's troubled highway system, Wagner said.
When you need an excuse, any excuse will do!


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