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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Ford And Jobs

We have seen the bad news for Ford...laying off 30,000 workers and shutting down 14 plants. Well, who is to blame? This little insight comes from Neal Boortz.

Have you been around a major union auto plant lately? Look at the bumper stickers on the cars. You'll see many more bumper stickers that say "UAW" than you will that say "Ford." Watch the workers as they arrive or leave on a chilly day. They're wearing UAW jackets, not Ford or Chevy jackets. Many of these people have far more loyalty to their union than they do to the company that is actually writing their paychecks. The financial burden that has been on these automakers by inflated union contracts has been crippling. Many years ago the UAW developed a game plan for bleeding the automakers dry. They would pick one of the big-three, either Ford, Chrysler or General Motors. They would then hit the target automaker with a demand for huge pay and benefit increases. That automaker would balk, and the UAW would go out on strike. Finally, after huge loses, the automaker would cave. A new contract would be signed, and the unions would then force that contract on the other automakers.
Of course, Ford management gets some of the blame for mistakes in design, innovation, and marketing. And the US government gets some blame too for our awful tax code.