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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Virginia Education Association Meeting

According to the VEA web site, "Convention Delegates Approve New Business Items in Virginia Beach". Take a look at all the items.

One issue that is constantly brought up is the lack of teachers...cannot find enough teachers...we need teachers...etc. But looks like they do not want to look too hard because they rejected a couple of items that may have made it easier to recruit teachers.

Item #20 - Don't want to recruit instructional employees from state colleges.......
The VEA shall begin the process of actively recruiting instructional employees in state-supported institutions of higher education.
(Moved by Joseph Emerson, York, and seconded by Carol Bauer, York)
Item #21 - Don't want to recruit outsiders...
The VEA and local Associations will initiate programs to recruit and support new professionals of all ideological stances and make them members of our professional community. These programs will utilize current research on why new teachers leave the profession and will include comprehensive internal organization with public relations support.
(Moved by Shawn Tickle, Bedford Co., and seconded by Imogene Morris, Bedford Co.)
Item #37 - Don't want to give potential teachers a financial break...
The VEA shall seek legislation to provide forgivable college loans to students who, upon completion of teacher preparation in a Virginia college or university, teach in Virginia public schools for 5 years.
(Moved by Joyce Tyree, Culpeper, and seconded by Michael Weisbrod, SVEA)
I would like to see some of the reasons and discussion behind these decisions.

No wonder there is a teacher shortage.


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