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I was born and went to school in the heart of the Appalachian mountains, in southern West Virginia. After graduating from college, I got married, and began working in Bristol, TN. I have have various jobs from Tennessee to up state New York and a few points between. Now I work in West Virginia. Some day, I want to live in Alaska.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Nice Day...

It was a nice day and a nice night.

I hard to live near Blacksburg and not be fan of Virginia Tech football, but I manage. All the recent hype about the tragedy of Tech going undefeated and not being able to play for the BCS championship wore on my nerves. But, as I type, the fourth quarter has started and VT is behind 27-0. It looks like the VT pundits were putting the cart ahead of the horse. Looks like no BCS for VT unless the other unbeatens get beat. Little Vick is having a difficult time against a top rated defense and a top 5 team.



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