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Monday, December 12, 2005

Virginia Tech Exemplary Departments

When I read this release about exemplary departments at Virginia Tech, I got a surprise. The Cranwell International Center and the Department of Human Development in the College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences will receive Tech's 2005 University Exemplary Awards. I concluded there must have been some outstanding results or major break throughs in teaching or learning or both.

However, I was wrong. In order to get this award, the departments needed to "maintain a first class teaching and learning environment for students and faculty" and "perform work that is essential for sustaining a truly excellent academic environment". No outstanding educational break through, instead a first class environment.

This was because of diversity not education. In fact, the Department Of Human Development was recognized because "for enhancing global diversity and promoting international and multi-cultural perspectives. It provides an environment where women, international students, and ethnic minorities feel comfortable working, living, and studying." This department gets an award for diversity and then brags because 78% of the faculity are female.

I believe the exemplary awards should go to departments that effectively teach, train, and prepare men and women to function and become successful in today's work environment.


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