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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Kanye West

What is this world coming to? The latest issue of "Rolling Stone" magazine has a photo of Kanye West with a crown of thorns on his head. He is being depicted as Jesus Christ.

He is a guy that believes in the black helicopters flying around and says "the government is responsible for the spread of AIDS among blacks and gays." and "George Bush doesn't care about black people" during a telethon for Hurricane Katrina victims."

This this is the reason I cannot watch the Grammy awards. West is up for 8 grammy awards! The more bizzare and outrageous a performer, the more honors are bestowed upon them.

The entertainment industry is in the gutter and I see no reason to believe it will get out of there anytime soon.


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Blogger Ms. Elenaeous said...

Rolling Stone tried the same cover I believe in 1997 with Howard Stern, but the publishers said "no way". I guess as long as it's a black JC impression it's now ok....Go figure.

8:36 AM  
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