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Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Why am I NOT watching the Olympics? Because it is full of winter activities with very few winter sports in between. Before going on, let me define sport and activity.

Sports are:

1. Not subjective. You score and you get a point, goal, touchdown, run, OR you get the fastest time, finish first, longest distance, etc

2. I have the ability to change your performance by playing defense. My defense plays against your offense and vice versa. My defensive goal is to stop your offense

3. People can cheer at anytime during the contest

Activities are:

1. Judged. If a judge is involved in the final outcome, its probably an activity (See note 1)
2. No defense allowed
3. Cheering and loud noises are not acceptable during important time in the contest

Note 1: there are some grey areas where the contest is between two opponents, face-to-face, but judging is still involved. Examples, boxing and bull riding.

By my rules, bull riding is a sport and ice dancing is an activity. Heck, I saw that 4 couples fell during their ice dance routines. Unless that was part of their plan, they should have gotten a ZERO. Instead, they were given deductions. In bull riding, you stay on for 8 seconds or you get an automatic ZERO. You will not hear "Well, Joe was on Satan's Toy for 5.6 seconds before he was thrown off. Let's deduct 15 poins from his score." Nope…Joe gets a goos egg!

So the winter Olympics is full of people partaking in winter activities. They may be the finest athletes in the world (regardless of what Bryant Gumbel thinks). But it an activies competition.

Some examples of sports are: football, baseball, basketball, hockey, NASCAR, roller derby, wrestling, tennis, badmitton, ping pong, bob sledding, ski jumping,

Some examples of activities are: golf, bowling, darts, ice dancing, figure skating, diving, gymnastics, fishing, snowboard 1/2 pipe, dog shows, Dancing With The Stars, American Idol,

Feel free to ad you favorites to the list.


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