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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Good Investment

The two senators from NY are want $$ from the Pentagon that the Department of Defense did not request. Among them are contracts that go to people who donated to Clinton or Schumer. In one case, the company president donates $2,500 and would receive a contract for $5 million...that is a pretty good return on your investment.

The senators want to help the state...

"In announcing the projects – included in a $454 billion defense-spending bill – the two senators touted the impact they would have on the state’s economy."

Well, duh! Want senator does not want to help the states economy! What the rest of the USA would like to know is does it help protect us.

But we can rest easy because there was not politics involved because "
when asked about their contributions, donors said the money was not spent with the expectation of future contracts or federal grants."

Money given with no expectations...where do I get in line to get some of that!