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Sunday, December 18, 2005

Marcus Vick Returning to Virginia Tech?

According to this column, Marcus Vick will return to Virginia Tech for his senior year. I disagree. I believe he will make himself eligible for the 2006 NFL draft. Afterall, his brother Michael, made statements that he would return to ole VT to play football his senior year. But he left and signed a big contract with the Atlanta Falcons.

I believe Marcus will do the same. He has been in a lot of trouble the past couple of years. Contributing to the deliquency of a minor, speeding, possesion of marijuana, and school suspension. It is clear that college is too restricting for him, even though he is Big Man On Campus.

He, and VT, were the darlings of ESPN this past season. He received a lot of good publicity. Expect a team to make an offer and little Vick will be gone from Blacksburg.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Marcus Vick isn't dumb enough to declare himself for the draft. Also, Michael never had a junior year. He redshirted and then played 2 seasons, leaving after he was a sophomore.

1:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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