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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Living Wage at UVA

Some students demonstrated at UVA seeking a living wage for university workers. The calculated living wage is $10.72 per hour. Currently the minimum wage for new hired staff is $8.88 per hour. Fewer than 100 UVA employees make less than $9.30 per hour. Protester complained that

"the gap between the highest and lowest paid in the entire university community is wider than it has ever been".

Of course the gap grows. If Person A makes $50,000 per year and Person B makes $20,000 per year, the gap is $30,000. Assume each gets a 5% raise. Person A makes $52,500 and Person B makes $21,000. The gap grows to $31,500.

UVA counters that they pay higher than the law mandates.

Student had to conduct the protest because workers were afraid they would lose their job if they spoke up.

Finally, the protesters said "It's our obligation to assert that a living wage is a human right."

Seems to me that the workers need to fight their own fight instead of expecting students to do it for them. And where is it written that this so called living wage is human right.


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