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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

National Average...

What is the deal with the "national average"? Everybody want to be at the "national average". Case in point is the Virginia Education Association (VEA). When it comes to pay it "wants the assembly to adopt as state policy the goal of meeting or exceeding the national average." In 2004-2005 the Virginia average was $45,963. That is pretty good pay considering summers off.

In fact, according the the VEA, "higher salaries are our No. 1 priority,".

AVERAGE means that there are numbers higher and numbers lower. Once someone below the average is moved to the average, an NEW average is reached. So, there will be a new national average every year.

Also, the VEA wants higher 4.5% raises the next 2 years and better benefits for retired teachers.

And what would consumers get? Less competition for education because the VEA opposes school vouchers.


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