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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

VEA, again

As I was thinking about my recent post concerning the VEA, I decided to go beyond the headlines and actually look at the VEA web site to see view the VEA legislative agenda.

I found the following:

1. The majority of the issues are with money and retirement. Raises at 4.5% for 2 years, reaching and staying at the national average, increase $$ for the Virginia Pre-School Initative, and increase in retirement for current and future retirees.
2. Just say no to vouchers.
3. ALL publicly funded preschool teachers – not just those employed by public schools – to hold a bachelor’s degree and have specialized training in early childhood.

Nothing in the agenda about raising science and math scores, improve graduation rates, prepare kids for college, proper career planning for all students, grade inflation, school violence, etc.

The agenda is about the educators not educating the students.

Plus with "the anticipated retirement of 40% of teachers in the next five years," (VEA stat) the VEA should make it easier for non education majors to enter the teaching field. Instead, I have found that with a BS in engineering, it is difficult to get a teaching license and transition into teaching without excessive further education and training. Granted, some training would be needed, I believe the requirements are very stringent, especially for other professionals.


Blogger Pumps said...

The VEA seems to be a leftover
60's group...Typical Lib Assoc....
"The teacher is more important than
the child"...How come nobody
hears the man with the bull horn?..
Perhaps success is in silence...

5:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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