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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Special Names

There is a drive-in, with curb service, in Beckley that we visit occasionally called King Tut. One special car hop would take my order and deliver my food. And when she talked to me she called me Honey. I sure she called everyone Honey, but I enjoyed it just the same. In fact, I like when the ladies I deal with address my by honey, darlin, dear, sweetie, sugar, etc.

When a southern lady does this, it is not threatening to other ladies, it is not a put down to the men, nor is it frowned upon by either the men or women. It is natural. This are the type of names the other ladies (Mom, aunts, cousins, etc) would use when talking to me.

I like being addressed this way. In fact, I have started the habit of using "hon" or "honey" when I deal with ladies. Mostly its in the form of "Thanks hon".

My experiences tell me that this phenomania is like iced, sweet tea...its found mainly in the south. Regardless, ladies keep calling me honey because it brightens my day.

Thanks hon.


Blogger Pumps said...

Love the tradition also, but just
remember some HR departments frown
upon the usage of these
endearing phrases...They call it
"sexual harassment"...Pumps

10:32 AM  

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