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Friday, January 27, 2006

This Looks Bad For Frank Beamer

The VT president wants a school investigation into the Marcus Vick case. It looks like Frank Beamer, the coach, and John Ballein, Associate Director of Athletics, Football, may have some 'splaning to do.

But when Beamer learned Vick had another brush with the law last month, he did not notify Weaver. Nor did he notify Steger, even though Steger had said when suspending Vick from school for the fall 2004 semester that "if there is any more trouble, his Virginia Tech career is effectively ended."

Instead, Vick remained eligible for the Jan. 2 Gator Bowl.

Withholding information so a "star" player will remain eligible for the big game? Surely not.
Ballein, a Beamer staff member with the title of associate athletic director for football operations, said at a Jan. 7 news conference that Vick told Beamer on Dec. 19 that he had gotten a ticket for driving on a suspended license. Steger, Beamer and Weaver have said they didn't learn until Jan. 6 that Vick had actually been charged in Hampton on Dec. 17 with speeding and with driving while his license was under suspension
Then the investigation was carried out by Ballein, the Associate Athletic Director, Football. Should somebody less tied to Beamer than Ballein have been the one to investigate?

Understandably, Ballein says he is done talking about Vick.

This looks fishy. Supression of info to keep Vick eligible. If I was Ballein I would not want to talk about it either.

Got a regular "Peyton Place" over there in Blacksburg!


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