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Friday, January 27, 2006

What Is The Problem With VT Atheletes?

When you cannot win fair and square you have to resort to different tactics. It seems that Deron Washington took notes when former VT QB, Marcus Vick stepped on an opponent.

Washington and Melchionni fell to the floor underneath the basket with 1:30 left in Thursday’s game. As he tried to get up, Washington kicked Melchionni in the face. Washington apologized to Melchionni and Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski after the game, and neither Melchionni nor Krzyzewski expressed ill will toward Washington in interviews after the game.
Kick a man when he is down...that's a real sportsman.

"I got a little frustrated, got outside my game and just did something real stupid," Washington said after the game.
Washington got frustrated because the other team was better and things were not going Tech's way. The "spoiled brat" syndrome.

Congrats to Jim Weaver, the athletic director, for taking immediate action.


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