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Saturday, February 25, 2006

What Was I Thinking?

What was I thinking on Saturday when Wifey asked if I would like to go with her and take Little One to Chucky Cheese in Roanoke? It was only a trip to see Chucky's and then to Sam's for a few items. My response was "I need to wash my truck." To which see replied "Go ahead, we will wait on you." Check mate. I was caught. So after washing my truck, we gathered up Little One and headed to Roanoke.

The planned trip to Chucky's and Sam's ended up being one that included stops a 2 different Wal Marts, the Valleyview Mall, Chucky's, Sam's, and a gas station. Wifey does this a lot. During the trip she thinks of other places to stop. When will I ever learn?

Stopping at two different Wal Marts only reinforces my belief that those yellow lines in the road at the entrance to Wal Mart do one of two things. Either these lines make cars invisible or they convince people that they are indestructible. At both Wal Mart stops, my job was to circle the parking lot while Wifey went in. I am always amazed that people no longer look both ways for traffic and will walk to and from their cars without ever looking to see if a car is coming! It must be the magic of the yellow lines. Luckily, Little One was being good, so I kept my cool and did not lay on the horn at any of these "indestructible" people.

Chucky's was crowded. The line to get in was outside the door. This was a bad omen. We waited about 15 minutes just to get in and seated. So far so good. Pizza came and we ate. Still good. Tried to spend 35 tokens on Little One. Still good. After a total of 2 hours in the place, it was time to leave. Then things got bad. Little One did not want to leave. After negotiations broke down, she was carried out kicking and screaming. It is hard to negotiate with a 2.5 year old. Little One calmed down about 15 minutes later. In fact, at the mall, she and I watched 2 little girls get their ears pierced at Claires. I normally do not hang out at Claires, but Wifey happened to be in the store.

On the way home, Little One went to sleep. So Wifey and I had a quite trip.


Blogger John said...

You need more and more complex projects than just washing the truck. Also, projects that are supported by Wifey. Rather put in a new bathroom, or go to the mall?

3:37 PM  
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