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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Chow Time....

Can you smeeeelllll what The Rock is cookin'. The Rock, Action Movie Star and former WWE champion.

One of my favorite dogs. I like hot dogs. I've tried a lot. Oscar Mayer, Ballpark, Nathan's, Valleydale, and even dogs at local high school sporting events. I believe it is very hard to screw up a hot dog. Most times I load em up....mustard, onion, chili, cole slaw, and sometimes shredded cheese. Or I've eat em plain...just a bun and dog.

What I have not done is eat them Yankee style, which is with sour kraut. Grilled bun or a bun right out of the pack. Its all good.

The other day I saw the hot dog eating contest at Coney Island. These folks would dip the bun in water to make it easier to eat....yuck. Soggy buns are a definite no-no.

We took a trip to Blacksburg Sunday evening. We grabbed a sub at Quiznoe's. We wanted to stop at Wal Mart to pick up a few items...bad idea. It looked like the post office at the first of the month when all the checks are delivered. In case you have not experienced it...that means it was crowded, very crowded. Left there and stopped at Kroger then onto TCBY. Yummy. Dutch Chocolate.

The summer happy time of no crowds is gone from Blacksburg. The kids have invaded like a swarm of locust. The take all the tables at the steak house, talk on their cell phones, step into the street without looking, and generally cause havoc and destruction. Trips will have to be highly coordinated until the spring. It was fun while it lasted.

Little One did want to be photographed touching a Hokie Bird. These things have sprung up like Pam Anderson honeymoon videos...they are everywhere. What your step, they may leave a big mess.


Blogger John said...

Mmmmm. Hot dogs. Now I'm hungry. Dang you.

1:36 AM  
Blogger Pumps said...

And the New York City "Sabrett"
with their own tomato onion sauce..

12:54 PM  

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