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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Early Father's Day...

This was my early Father's Day present. A 32 cc, Craftsman Weed Wacker. Nothing like getting destructive devices for gifts! Unless it is a .45 semiautomatic, any of various brands will do.

My old weed eater had bitten the dust. I used it a couple of weeks back. Although it was hard to start, after many yanks and some swearing, it fired up. Used it all day. Not long after that, the Wife wanted some weeds cut and I was the man for the job. I gather all the needed supplies: weed eater...check, gloves...check, earplugs...check, work boots...check, safety glasses...check, hat...check, and gas/oil...check. All ready to go.

Except, the blasted weed eater was being contrary. I primed it and pulled the cord. Once, twice, 5 times, 25 times...dang it. If I was in a NASCAR event, I would have to pull behind the wall for repairs.

Ok, time to regroup and try again. This time, make sure the "Stop" switch is set to "Start" (It was by the way). All systems go. Prime and pull and pull and pull. All the thing did was growl a little then become silent. It was beyond me.

Finally, I had the younger boy take it to the shop. Diagnosis - carborator problems. The cure would cost $100 bucks! Plus, I was denied some valuable need to know information from the boy. The shop would charge $15 to tell me what was wrong! Arrrgggg!

Weed eaters have become cheaper to replace than repair. So old faithless made a one way trip to the green boxed (garbage pick up).

Later that week, while talking to the Wife on the phone, I asked about dinner. She said we could go out to eat and stop at Sears to check out the weed eaters. I said "Alright!!!"


Blogger Pumps said...

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4:23 PM  
Blogger John said...


better than a weed whacker. Trying to figure out how to get it to take the weeds down without going through boxes of ammo.


10:28 PM  
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