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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

One City Makes Trails Work...

Damascus has two trails, Appalachian and Creeper, to pull in tourists. (link)

And what do they get? Hundreds of jobs and millions in revenue, according to this article. What kind of jobs? Well the town boasts

six bike shops, nine bed and breakfast inns, half a dozen restaurants and a chain grocery store.
Not your high paying technology or manufacturing jobs. Plus many shops close during the winter.

How does the town like this increase in traffic, parking problems, and bike-riding on the sidewalks.

The Creeper Trail has been good for Damascus, but I’d like it if we could freeze right now and not let it grow anymore
Yes, stop it, stop it stop.

I am sure Rick Boucher will use this as a success story for future trails in southwest VA.


Blogger Nick said...

Being that I run 8-12 miles/day, I would love some trails rather than concrete. Some of the best running I've ever experienced was up in the Blue Ridge Mountains in Brevard, NC.

9:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Best regards from NY! » » »

4:41 PM  

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