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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

State Song

With all the work needed to iron out a transportation bill that is acceptable and does not SC*%W southwest Virginia, I am glad to see our legislature is spending precious time trying to agree upon a state song. The song being pushed was "Shenandoah".

And it would not be the Official State Song" it would only be an interim!

Said Deldgate Griffith of Salem of the song

"Shenandoah" is about a time in history when people were leaving Virginia to seek opportunities in the west. A state song should not call attention to that.
He does not want to talk about people leaving for West Virginia. That's a hoot!


Blogger Pumps said...

West Virginia seperated from
Virginia in 1861....Shendandoah,
the folk song, dates back to circa
1825...WV did not exsist during
the trek west...Pumps

12:34 PM  
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