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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Party At Al's House

I want to Rock and Roll all night, and party every day....Kiss

Party time at my house. This means that Little One and I were being evicted for the night, actually only a couple of hours. There is nothing like having a bunch of women come into your house, into your living room, that makes a guy happy to leave. Just imagine all the "honey do" jobs a mob of women can conjure up. I left because of the woman invasion. Little One left because, she is little, has quick hands and can move those hands erraticly at dizzying speeds when she picks up something she is not suppose to have and I am trying to get it back. Little One would grap all the products if possible. And since there is a universal "you break bought it" law, it was better for her to leave peacefully instead of running the rish of buying a bunch of broken or lost stuff.

Since being married, my house has been the location for many parties. My only parties have been an occasional Super Bowl party. The wife has hosted lots of parties for Longaberger baskets, some for Tupperware, maybe a few for Home Interior, and my favorite a few lingerie parties...yes lingerie! (Sadly I was not invited to stay for these...sigh).

Tonights party was...jewerly. Little pieces of metal that could be expensive. Good idea to have Little One wisked away. The Wife and her friends, spent 2 hours at this thing, bless their hearts. Jewerly is boring. That is why Lowes does not have a jewerly department, unless pocket knives count.

First came the eating. I am not complaining because I got a bowl of chili and a piece of chocolate cake before the festivities began. Sorta like the official taste tester. They eat because we live in the Bible belt and the official Baptist motto is "we don't eat, then we don't meet". This applies to any social get-together.

Next came the shopping. I try to imagine what this party would look like, but I cannot do it. On the other hand, I am able to imagine the goings-on at the lingerie party though.

Little One and I were taken in from the cold by my friend. His daughter babysit for Little One so that he and I could do a little male bonding around the XBOX by dishing out death and destruction to one another in a game called Halo. It was a good night.

If women want men to stay for a home party they should check into a party for Craftsman, NAPA, Probass, Lowes, or Victoria's Secret, etc


Blogger El Cid said...

My wife is into Bunko (sp) parties with all the girls...they kick me out too

11:26 AM  
Blogger Pumps said...

Great post...Good thing men are
from Mars...

4:44 PM  

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