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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Sunrise and Glasses

This was a colorful sunrise on Wednesday. It was the same sunrise seen over at View from the Mountain. Looks similar, but the vantage points are probably 50 miles apart.

Wifey and I recently had eye exams. New prescription glasses were in our future. She opted for reading glasses. I chose a set of glasses and a set of sunglasses. I like to think the sunglass are Richard Petty-ish. I can still read without my glasses without total arm extension.

Due to my vanity, my previous set of glasses were no line bifocals. I could not have that bifocal circle alerting everyone that I was falling apart, eyes first. I did not like those glasses at all. The sweet spot for the bifocal was still a small circle. I would have to nod my head from side-to-side and up-and-down to be sure I was looking through the sweet spot. This drove me wacky. My next bifocals will have the noticeable spot. My new motto: function over style.

I decided that eye exams should be done at night and not on a sunny day with snow on the ground. We I went outside after being dilated (in a manly manner), my eyes hurt. Those plastic sunglass the doctor furnished only made me look like a dork.

If dilated at night, I would not need those dorky glasses. Plus, I would have the vision of a cat! I will try to get my next appointment at night.

Glasses are no that bad. I told Wifey not to worry because "Boys DO make passes at girls who wear glasses!"


Anonymous Tugboat Phil said...


I too tried the no line glasses a couple of years ago. I went with the lined ones instead. Unfortunately, the line ended up being halfway down my dashboard when driving, and I do a lot of that. I kept them for 2 years and vowed that I would give the no lines 3 weeks to get used to. I did.

I don't even have to search for the sweet spot anymore. When it's time for a new pair. Give them a little longer and see if you don't really like them better. I never thought I would, but I did.

4:39 PM  

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