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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

The Swing Set

This apple tree is in bloom. Looks like a good year for apples. If the deer do not get them all, maybe some will find their way into fried apple pies...yummy.

We went to Roanoke, Toys-R-Us to get Little One a swing set. I knew I was in trouble when it took 2 fit, young men to load two large boxes into my truck. Needless to say, some assembley was required.

After mowing grass on Saturday, we hit the swing set constuction like Ali -vs- Frazier in the "Thrilla in Manilla". This Thriller has nothing to do with Michael Jackson. There were 2 boxes full of wood planks, screws, bolts, washers, lock nuts, and assorted swings and one slide. I noticed the slide right away and was glad that it was ready. Too bad for me, it was one of the last things to attach. Plus, 24 pages of instructions!

Saturday went fairly well. Wifey helped. We checked and double-checked the directions like a space shuttle launch. It was coming together quite well. Construction had to cease due to darkness and fatigue. Total man and woman hours on day one: 8.

Day two, Sunday, started with me alone. What else was I going to do since there was no NASCAR race to occupy my time. The going was rough, no help meant I had to gather supplies and do the construction. Luck for me I has a cordless drill with an extra manual insertion of screws!

The final assemble took place in the yard at the chosen site. After the last bolt was tighened, Wifey and I watched as Little One took the maiden voyage down the newly installed slide. She was happy to slide, I was happy it was done. Total man hours day two: 4.

Two days work, 12 hours, and a few curse words later, it was all done. Should be a good summer for all.


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