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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Toyota Fever

The prospects of a Toyota plant near Roanoke has been all the rage for the past couple of day. There is a lot of speculation on where it might go. According to reports, four states are in the running: Virginia, Tennessee, North Carolina, and Arkansas.

One delegate, Steve Landes make this news to be negative by saying

"The other thing about the automobile industry is it's a very volatile business right now," Landes said. "We're losing the Ford plant in Norfolk. I would think from a business standpoint, localities would be a little bit skittish about the industry in general being that stable. Obviously some of the international companies have done better in the marketplace, but it's not as stable as it used to be."

Volatile business...what business is not volatile. Communities should be skittish because the industry is unstable...there are no guarantees with any business. He harps on stability...what a buzz killer he is.

The Roanoke Times did not get to talk to anyone at Toyota, but the Greensboro News-Record sure did. They say a plant like this would be"economic windfall to the region, bringing high manufacturing wages for hundreds of workers here and attracting dozens of suppliers that would also employ local workers." They are not skittish about this plant.

According to a Toyota spokesman this news is putting the cart ahead of the horse.

"The real key is that we haven't made the decision whether we are definitely going to expand at this time yet," said Dan Sieger, a company spokesman from its Kentucky offices. "We're not even getting into where it would happen if we were to expand. We are looking at sites in a wide variety of states but as a matter of business practice we don't disclose where we're looking."

Toyota is not sure it will be built...don't disclose where they are looking.

Looks like the state is getting all excited about nothing.


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