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I was born and went to school in the heart of the Appalachian mountains, in southern West Virginia. After graduating from college, I got married, and began working in Bristol, TN. I have have various jobs from Tennessee to up state New York and a few points between. Now I work in West Virginia. Some day, I want to live in Alaska.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

An Amazing Thing Happened

I did not get to see the eclipse the other day. I best I could manage was this picture of the sun as it passed behind a small cloud. If you look closely, you can see the sun.

Something amazing, according to Wifey, happened at my house tonight. She was truely impressed. We feed out two dogs in the lower level of the house. That is also the place where Little One takes her bath. Since I was not involved in the bath detail, my job was to feed the two mutts. There was a problem. After searching the entire down stairs area, I could only find one of the dog's feeding bowls. Being a male, I had decided that only one dog would eat. And I would get to pick. Sorta like going "thumbs down" on one of the dogs. As a last resort, I asked Wifey. To my surprise, she could not give me the exact location. And she always knows the location of stamps, tape, tools, food, etc. So I knew the bowl was good and lost.

However, she said "Look around. It has to be there." Well, I had looked. But since I was not involved in the bathing of a 2.5 year old and in order not to get involved with the bath while she looked for the bowl, I agreed.

If you saw me looking for something, you would swear I was only walking around looking straight ahead. No scanning left or right, or up and down. Kinda like a Frankenstien's monster imitation. But this time was different. Something shiney caught my eye. And, lo and behold, upon further investigation, it turned out to be the missing bowl. It was sitting on a chair. Little One had put it there earlier in the day.

I announced my find. And Wifey said "I'm amazed." Her tone did not sound amazed, but I took the compliment anyway. Both the dogs got to eat and the whole house was happy. At least for a little while.


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