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Monday, April 03, 2006

Me and Olan

On Sunday, Wifey, Little One, and I went to see our friend Olan. You may know him. I believe he had the famous quote "A thousand words a worth one picture, and the picture will cost you $9.99 per sheet." Of course our friend is Olan Mills. Maybe he is your friend too.

The appointment was at 4 to take a picture of Little One for Easter. So we let the house at 3:30 (I had to miss the race, but I did manage to listen now and then). Onward to my favorite place - Blacksburg/Christiansburg, aka the Burgs. To my surprise, traffic was very light. It was almost a pleasure driving to K-Mart.

The actual picture taking went fast. I watched the first few then left to get us a drink. I also spent a little time watching the race on a 13" set in the store. Then came the wait. We were waiting to see the pictures. One couple ahead of us. But the signs were bad. The dad was waiting with 2 kids, about 4 and 1 while the Mom picked the pictures.

We waited for what seemed like hours. It is very difficult to occupy a 2.5 year old. Especially when you have to wait in the childrens clothing hunting/fishing power tools...just clothes. I'm sure Wifey thought I was being worse than Little One.

Finally, time to pick the pictures. My job was to watch Little One and make a pick after the non-contender photos had been deleted. I was ready and made my decision without hesitation.

All done, time to Fazolies. Now letting Little One eat spaghetti while wearing a white dress seemed to be a fine idea with me. But I don't buy the clothes for Little One and I don't do the laundry. Wifey was prepared. She changed Little One into something more spaghetti friendly. She is good at these things. It was good she changed, the dress would have been in bad shape.

Finally a run by Target looking for videos. Supposedly, childrens videos were on sale. Buy 2 and get 1 free. Selection was poor. We came out with nothing. However, I did scope out my next video purchase. Season 4 of Northern Exposure. Its about Alaska of course.

Oh, I did manage to hear the final laps of the race. Jeff Gordon was second so it was a pretty good day.


Blogger John said...

Haven't seen Northern Exposure. Is it good?

11:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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