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Sunday, June 04, 2006

Got A List?

Looking south, Up the New River near Pembroke.

I will under no condition, NO condition, spend the best years of my life in the worst place on Earth! Joel Flesichman - Northern Exposure.

This quote comes from one of my favorite tv shows...Northern Exposure. It ranks up there with my all-time favorite, The Andy Griffith Show (blalck and white edition) and my current, can't-get-enough show, The Deadliest Catch.

In the quote, the "worst place on Earth" happens to be in Alaska. Joel had to work there in order to repay his medical school loans. It just so happened that he worked in rural Alaska. Working in rural Alaska is something that Tundra PA is doing. She get to see and do things the rest of us only get to thing about. Plus, she gets to experience things we have never, ever thought about. Consider eating jellied moose nose. Yep, read about it...but could not stop thinking about Bullwinkle. Take a look.

Another think I can only read about is cold temperatures. John in Fairbanks talks about -50 F. Now that is pretty cold. I have never felt it but I would like to experience it at least once. John has a humor-filled look at life in the Last Frontier.

Speaking of things I want to do...I have a mental list of things I want to do before I died. The other night, I asked Wifey if she had such a list. She just looked at me and nodded "No" and asked "Why?" And being the good husband that I am I said "Because I wanted to know if I could help you complete any of your goals". (The crowd goes wild as Hubby says the right thing for once.)

The second part of my plan was for her to ask me if I had a "Things I wanted to do before I die list", knowing that she may volunteer to help me complete some of my goals. But, alas, I have to admit she knows what I am thinking and did not ask me. She just looked at me and shook her head. She knew it would involve Alaska.

I felt like Charlie Brown as he goes to kick the football that Lucy is holding. I had my eye on the prize only to be DE-NIED. Rats! But, as they say in the cat-skinning business, "there's more than one way to skin a cat". So I will keep working to get her to my side. Maybe someday I will get to live in Alaska with Tundra PA and John.


Blogger John said...

Ahhh. Just tell her it's a great place to get away from the summer heat. Then stash kids elsewhere (grandmas, etc.) and have a romantic vacation. It's worth a shot . . . !

Btw, nice catch on the comment back - that was good work!

3:55 AM  
Blogger Ms. Elenaeous said...

I'm with your wife, Alaska? Ok, ok, it's beautiful, but Alaska? to live? No matter how nice the two second summer is, that could never make up for the ice and snow. Just a hint, for most woman a "romantic vacation" would not take place in Alaska ;)

8:35 AM  
Blogger TheTundraPA said...

As you might expect, I'm with John on this one--Alaska is a wonderful place for a romantic vacation! And a great place to live...just promise her you'll keep her warm! (maybe a few extra dogs would help there) And the cold? Bah! Laugh at it! There is no bad weather, there is only inappropriate clothing...

3:12 AM  

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