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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

It is Halloween.

Lions and tigers and bears! Oh, my! Dorothy, The Wizard of Oz.

Panhandling 101.

For Halloween, the Wife and I took Little One to the New River Valley mall in Christiansburg to do her "Trick or Treating". Little One was again a good witch, just like Glinda the Good Witch in the Wizard of Oz. Here she was taught to go from door to door and request candy. Not much different than Panhandling. Other parents and grand parents were there to teach children this useful skill.

The mall was very crowded. We saw all sorts of interesting characters. Lions and tigers and bears, of course. Plus, Raggedy Anne, Elvis, other witches, the Incredible Hulk, angels, football players, cheerleaders, and hookers. I could not tell if thehighs school aged girls were real hookers, but they sure dressed like they were...short skirts and little bitty tops. These hookers were gathering candy, just like the little kids. This could have only been a Halloween costume. The Wife assured me it was. We were both surprised at this sight.

The scariest costume I saw was a life-like, small sized, correctly made up, clown. I am scared of clowns. Ever since I saw IT by Stephen King, I have been scared of clowns. Keep those clowns away from me. My worst nightmare is to be stuck with a clown on the top of a large ferris wheel.....arrrggggg!

I did go by Victoria's Secret to see if they just might be giving away something interesting for the Wife. I was disappointed. Only cheap suckers. I did notice the car in the middle of the mall. I learned to be observant by wathcing CSI. Seems like Victoria's Secret has a drive through window for its most preferred customers, for those who need to get their lingerie in a hurry. Victoria's Secret is on the cutting edge of customer service.


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