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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Teacher's Pay in Ole W V

Teachers in West Virginia are wanting a bigger raise than the 2.5% being offered by Govenor Joe "Open for business" Manchin. Teacher state they are paid less than surrounding states, but it is also true that the cost of living is less.

However, one teacher union leader said cost of living is not considered by the group when it comes to putting together a salary request.
Why not? Shouldn't all things be considered?

Currently, West Virginia ranks 47th in average teacher pay at $38,360 annually, according to the National Education Association.
47th is pretty low...but wait...

A nationwide study conducted by Education Week magazine in 2001 showed that, when adjusted for cost of living, West Virginia educators were the 23rd highest paid in the country.
23rd, now that's better.

I sent a letter to the president of VPI&SU because the professors were wanting a raise to the average of their peer group. The problem was members of the peer group included Cal. Berkely, Cornell, USC, etc. All high cost of living areas.

The morale to the story is that you have to consider all aspects of living in an area.


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