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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The Next Big Race...

The next big race will not be the NASCAR event in California. The next big race will be in a place in a place will never visit, but a few, like me, often dream about. In a place where man and beast work together to re-enact an event that saved thousands of lives. The place is Alaska and the event is The Iditarod. Think about this:
20 volunteer dog-sled drivers relayed the serum non-stop the remaining 674 miles. When the first musher left Nenana, the temperature hovered at 50 below zero. According to legend, the serum was nearly lost when a huge gust of wind toppled the sled of the final musher. The musher frantically dug the serum out of the snow with his bare hands, righted his sled and continued on.
The most famous personalities to emerge from the were Balto and Togo. The lead dogs of the final two mushers, Gunnar Kaasen and Leonhard Seppala.

Togo did the most duty. He lead the way for more that twice as many miles as the second place musher. However, Balto was leading when the serum made it into Nome, Alaska.

Pick a favorite musher and follow this race.


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