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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Opposed To Global Warming

A recent post by Ms. Elenaeous seemed to embrace global warming. If fact she wanted to "take out those aerosol hairspray and deodorant cans and let's all spray away!"

Consider this. Most times the MSM will say something like the vast majority of scientist believe that global warming is real. However, no one ever mentions The Petition Project. This is where more than 17,100 basic and applied American scientists, two-thirds with advanced degrees, have signed a petition stating

There is no convincing scientific evidence that human release of carbon dioxide, methane, or other greenhouse gasses is causing or will, in the foreseeable future, cause catastrophic heating of the Earth's atmosphere and disruption of the Earth's climate. Moreover, there is substantial scientific evidence that increases in atmospheric carbon dioxide produce many beneficial effects upon the natural plant and animal environments of the Earth.

These are not just some crackpots, instead ther are 2,660 physicists, geophysicists, climatologists, meteorologists, oceanographers, and environmental scientists. This is a real brain trust. So do not believe that only whackos still do not believe. A bunch of smart people still are not convinced.

Besides, what if global warming is real? There could be some benefits, such as:

1. Make land in the US and Canadian plains suitable for farming
2. Melting glaciers could increase the availability of fresh water and improve the water table
3. Longer growing seasons
4. More land availble for development.

Lastly, projections are that the average earth temperture will rise a few degree F. Therefore, how will it make such a drastic change if Antartica (store place for 90% of the world's ice) goes from an average temperature of -60 F to -58 F?

Alarmist should think things through and not be satisfied with the easy, and often incorrect, explanation.

Elmo Lives At My House

Anyone with little people in their house will recognize Elmo from Sesame Street. We have a plethera (I never thought I would get to use that word) of Elmos at my house. I believe he is like those worms that are able to reproduce by themselves. Elmo is getting out of control. Be prepared to contact Tom Cruise for a Sci Fi remake using Elmo as the Blob.

An Elmo video was playing the other day. I was not watching, instead, I was doing something constuctive - I was trying to take a nap. After listening a few minutes, I began to pay attention to this little red menance called Elmo. I have since determined that Elmo may be evil, and he definitely has some strange friends. Here are my reasons:

1. There is a recurring character called "Mr. Noodle"
2. Mr. Noodle is always hanging around outside of Elmo's window
3. The window shade is possessed! It obeys Elmo's commands of "Up shade" and "Down shade"
4. There is also a possessed computer that runs around Elmo's room saying "You've got mail, Elmo has mail"
5. Elmo loves his goldfish and his crayon (one crayon)
6. Elmo is a goldfish whisperer - he knows what that fish is thinking
7. In one video, Elmo has a blanket that seems to be alive, or possessed

I more I pay attention to Elmo, the more convinced I am that Elmo and his friends are from "the dark side". Sesame Street - good wholesome entertainment - HA.

Wait, I think I can see the black helicopters coming over the ridge.

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Why I'm Not An Episcopal...

The Episcopals were meeting and having discussions about gays. Some were mad about the confirmation of an openly gay bishop. Well, they attemped to amend a resoultion and add the phrase "sexual relations should be confined to marriage between one man and one woman".

IT FAILED! By a vote of 247-169.

What the heck are they trying to say? Sexual relations need not be confined to marriage? Gay sex is OK? Multi-partners is OK?

This is unbelieveable!

Teacher's Salaries

Chesterfield schools have come into some money and they want to raise their teacher's salaries.

The proposed $518 million fiscal plan for Chesterfield schools in 2006-07 includes more than $16 million for salary increases next year - the division's highest-ever one-year increase. The plan would provide a raise of between 4 percent and 8 percent for eligible teachers and support personnel, depending on how far below the market the salaries are for their positions.

Teachers at the top of the scale would get a 2 percent raise under the plan.

It's part of a three-year plan to get the county's school salaries among the highest in the area.

Wow, they do not want to reach the average, they want to be among the highest. As I have said before, by getting a raise in this county, the overall state average will increase. Those schools that have a multi-year plan to reach the average salary for the state are now falling behind.

Here's an idea. Allow teachers from throughout the state to apply for these high paying jobs. Let them submit a resume with their accomplishments and successes. The better ones get the better jobs. Even better, allow me the money associated with my child so I can find a school and staff that pleases me, the parent. Nope...won't happen...

Friday, January 27, 2006

This Looks Bad For Frank Beamer

The VT president wants a school investigation into the Marcus Vick case. It looks like Frank Beamer, the coach, and John Ballein, Associate Director of Athletics, Football, may have some 'splaning to do.

But when Beamer learned Vick had another brush with the law last month, he did not notify Weaver. Nor did he notify Steger, even though Steger had said when suspending Vick from school for the fall 2004 semester that "if there is any more trouble, his Virginia Tech career is effectively ended."

Instead, Vick remained eligible for the Jan. 2 Gator Bowl.

Withholding information so a "star" player will remain eligible for the big game? Surely not.
Ballein, a Beamer staff member with the title of associate athletic director for football operations, said at a Jan. 7 news conference that Vick told Beamer on Dec. 19 that he had gotten a ticket for driving on a suspended license. Steger, Beamer and Weaver have said they didn't learn until Jan. 6 that Vick had actually been charged in Hampton on Dec. 17 with speeding and with driving while his license was under suspension
Then the investigation was carried out by Ballein, the Associate Athletic Director, Football. Should somebody less tied to Beamer than Ballein have been the one to investigate?

Understandably, Ballein says he is done talking about Vick.

This looks fishy. Supression of info to keep Vick eligible. If I was Ballein I would not want to talk about it either.

Got a regular "Peyton Place" over there in Blacksburg!

What Is The Problem With VT Atheletes?

When you cannot win fair and square you have to resort to different tactics. It seems that Deron Washington took notes when former VT QB, Marcus Vick stepped on an opponent.

Washington and Melchionni fell to the floor underneath the basket with 1:30 left in Thursday’s game. As he tried to get up, Washington kicked Melchionni in the face. Washington apologized to Melchionni and Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski after the game, and neither Melchionni nor Krzyzewski expressed ill will toward Washington in interviews after the game.
Kick a man when he is down...that's a real sportsman.

"I got a little frustrated, got outside my game and just did something real stupid," Washington said after the game.
Washington got frustrated because the other team was better and things were not going Tech's way. The "spoiled brat" syndrome.

Congrats to Jim Weaver, the athletic director, for taking immediate action.

How Cold Is It?

How cold is Alaska?

Well, Fairbanks is about to set a record. With 4 days to go in the month, the city is on track to set a record for the third coldest (yes coldest not warmest) month in the past 102 years!

January 06 has an average temperature of -19.2 degree Fahrenheit. That is pretty darn cold!

The coldest month of record for Fairbanks was exactly a century ago, when the temperature averaged out to 36.4 below for the 31 days of January 1906. Second coldest was December 1917, and third coldest January 1971 with an average of 31.7 below.
Hillary should go to Fairbanks and warn about global warming.

Tobacco Smoke

A new air-borne toxin has been desiginated in California. It is Tobacco Smoke!

Tobacco smoke is now in the same class as "most toxic automotive and industrial air pollutants". It also contains benzene and arsenic. Yummy stuff to be sure.

Don't like the smell of tobacco smoke, then just saddle up to a car exhaust and take a deep breath because the two are classified the same.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Global Warming?

Remember during the middle of this past summer Senator Hillary Clinton made a fact finding trip to Alaska to check out global warming? Well it was pretty easy to talk about global warming during August in Alaska.

Maybe she and her delegation should take a trip to the Fairbanks area. Afterall, the the temperature will be as low as -55 degree Fahrenheit!

By the way, did you know, that -40 is a special temperature? It is because -40 Fahrenheit is equal to -40 Celcius.

What about Antartica? Any snow and ice there? According to, between 1992 and 2003
the East Antarctic ice sheet gained about 45 billion tonnes of ice - enough to reduce the oceans' rise by 0.12 millimetres per year. The ice sheets that cover Antarctica's bedrock are several kilometres thick in places, and contain about 90% of the world's ice.
So 90% of the world ice is growing thicker and thicker, but we only hear reports about the other 10% that is shrinking.

But guess what this growth in Antartica is caused by (you guessed it) warming.

But the panel also expected that climate change would trigger an increase in snowfall over the Antarctic continent, as increased evaporation from the oceans puts more moisture into the air.
All the world's problems are caused by global warming. It is easy to come to this conclusion when you already know the answer you want.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Kanye West

What is this world coming to? The latest issue of "Rolling Stone" magazine has a photo of Kanye West with a crown of thorns on his head. He is being depicted as Jesus Christ.

He is a guy that believes in the black helicopters flying around and says "the government is responsible for the spread of AIDS among blacks and gays." and "George Bush doesn't care about black people" during a telethon for Hurricane Katrina victims."

This this is the reason I cannot watch the Grammy awards. West is up for 8 grammy awards! The more bizzare and outrageous a performer, the more honors are bestowed upon them.

The entertainment industry is in the gutter and I see no reason to believe it will get out of there anytime soon.

"Fat Naked Guy" is GUILTY

Remember Richard Hatch? He won the very first "Survivor" and one million dollars. Well, he "was found guilty Wednesday of failing to pay taxes on his winnings". Plus, he "was also convicted of evading taxes on $327,000 he earned as co- host of a Boston radio show and $28,000 in rent on property he owned".

I never watch this show. The concept is all about cheating and betrayal.

So what could be the result of his convictions? Up to 13 years in prison and a $600,000 fine. We can rest assured that you can lie and cheat a lot of people. But you can never cheat the IRS.

One more thing, I bet Hatch will not run around in prison naked.

Ford And Jobs

We have seen the bad news for Ford...laying off 30,000 workers and shutting down 14 plants. Well, who is to blame? This little insight comes from Neal Boortz.

Have you been around a major union auto plant lately? Look at the bumper stickers on the cars. You'll see many more bumper stickers that say "UAW" than you will that say "Ford." Watch the workers as they arrive or leave on a chilly day. They're wearing UAW jackets, not Ford or Chevy jackets. Many of these people have far more loyalty to their union than they do to the company that is actually writing their paychecks. The financial burden that has been on these automakers by inflated union contracts has been crippling. Many years ago the UAW developed a game plan for bleeding the automakers dry. They would pick one of the big-three, either Ford, Chrysler or General Motors. They would then hit the target automaker with a demand for huge pay and benefit increases. That automaker would balk, and the UAW would go out on strike. Finally, after huge loses, the automaker would cave. A new contract would be signed, and the unions would then force that contract on the other automakers.
Of course, Ford management gets some of the blame for mistakes in design, innovation, and marketing. And the US government gets some blame too for our awful tax code.

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Harry is at it again

Harry Belafonte again attacked the current adminstration. This time he compare the department of Homeland Security to the Nazi Gestapo AND called the president a liar.

Harry B. is quoted as saying:

"We've come to this dark time in which the new Gestapo of Homeland Security lurks here, where citizens are having their rights suspended,"


"Bush, he said, rose to power "somewhat dubiously and ... then lies to the people of this nation, misleads them, misinstructs, and then sends off hundreds of thousands of our own boys and girls to a foreign land that has not aggressed against us."

I guess the only way a washed-up, semi-famous, has-been, former entertainer can stay in the lime light is to harshly criticize the current president.

Teachers and Money

Well, here is another editorial, by the vice president of the Bedford County Education Association, complaining about teachers salaries. It seems the starting salary in Bedford is the lowest of the 12 county area. Finally, the author says "As in any occupation, you can't expect to compete for the best employee if you don't have a competitive salary."

Teaching is not like any occupation. The teachers union wants pay raises with no expectations of improvements. In industry, raises for professionals are linked to accomplishments the past year. The teachers union wants raises because the other local teachers make more money. The truth of the matter is that in any comparison, someone has to be last. Some school system will pay the lowest. This allows those below the average to always ask for money to reach the average.

I believe teachers have a hard job and I appreciate them for their work. But, I have yet to see data that links high achieving schools with highly paid teachers.

Friday, January 20, 2006

How Much Money Does Your School Get?

This is an interesting follow up column by John Stossel on his 20/20 special "Stupid In America".

The NEA says public schools need more money. That's the refrain heard in politicians' speeches, ballot initiatives and maybe even in your child's own classroom. At a union demonstration, teachers carried signs that said schools will only improve "when the schools have all the money they need and the Air Force has to hold a bake sale to buy a bomber."
According to the National Education Association, money, money, money is the answer. Plus, the desire to force the Armed Services to pander for money.

The truth is, public schools are rolling in money. If you divide the U.S. Department of Education's figure for total spending on K-12 education by the department's count of K-12 students, it works out to about $10,000 per student.

Think about that! For a class of 25 kids, that's $250,000 per classroom. This doesn't include capital costs. Couldn't you do much better than government schools with $250,000? You could hire several good teachers; I doubt you'd hire many bureaucrats. Government schools, like most monopolies, squander money.

Each kid is allocated about $10, each classroom is allocated about $250,000 per year. Thats a lot of money. Most parents would love to take that 10 grand and go find a school of their choice. But, the NEA is a powerful lobby and is all against vouchers. So the government education monopoly squanders money on such things as "bureaucrats renovated school buildings, adding enormous gyms, an Olympic swimming pool, a robotics lab, TV studios, a zoo, a planetarium, and a wildlife sanctuary"

K-12 education in the US is falling behind faster and faster.

Back From Northern Visit

I returned today from 2 1/2 days worth of meetings in the Football Hall of Fame city. Yes, 2 1/2 long days in Akron, Ohio. My motel was actually just 2 exits north the the Football Hall of Fame. No time to visit, so I just looked and dreamt as we passed by. I did notice a big addition on the northern side since I was there last. Next time, maybe I will work my schedule so that I can make at least a half day visit.

The good news is...we ate well. The bad news is...I was two weeks into a diet and needed to be careful on what I ate. After two weeks, I had lost 10 pounds by using the Atkins diet. But once we hit Akron, that diet was shot. I will find out tomorrow how much damage was done. It does not look good for me. However, I did enjoy the food, real pop (Pepsi), and desert!

Saturday, January 14, 2006

21 Canon Salute

I just got to see a part of the inauguration. I did see the swearing in of the Attorney General, the LT. Governor, and the Governor. What was the deal with the 21 canon salute after the Governor's swearing in? It seemed very slow and lasted way to long. The governor was wanting to speak but all he could do was wave to the crowd. He had to wait until the salute was completed.

Plus, I thought it looked funny that everyone had to wear those cheap, thin rain slickers.

Solution for Global Warming...

The solution for global warming is to kill all the plants on earth. You see, according to this report, the source of methane, #2 on the global-warming gases, is plants. They produce 10-30% of the methane in the atmosphere. And living plants produce 10-100 time more methane than dead ones.

So save the world from global warming by killing the plants.

It seems that global warming causes everything. It even kills frogs. Yes! "An infectious fungus aggravated by global warming has killed entire populations of frogs in Central and South America,".

The theory goes "Warmer temperatures increased cloud cover over the tropical mountain which the scientists believe promoted conditions to spur the growth of the chytrid fungus that kills frogs."

Scientist come up with this solution because they already know the problem they want to fix.

Look a little deeper for an alternative solution.

Where our tax $$ goes

Do you think government employees are underpaid? Well this says they are overpaid.

Among the findings are:

1. State and local workers earned $36/hour in pay and benefits. Compared to $24/hour for US private-sector workers.
2. 42% of government workers are in a union. Compared to 9% in the private sector.
3. The largest budget area is K-12 schools.
4. Between 1994 and 2004 the number of school administrators and teachers INCREASED by 22% while the number of children in public schools INCREASED by 9%.

Education has the biggest budget and adds over twice as many personnel than the children increase. However, the school monopoly fails. No competition means no reason to try harder.

Is more money the answer? The education unions say it is. But "Jay Greene, author of "Education Myths," points out that "If money were the solution, the problem would already be solved … We've doubled per pupil spending, adjusting for inflation, over the last 30 years, and yet schools aren't better." (see link)

Keep doing what we have been doing and we will keep getting what we have been getting.

Monday, January 09, 2006

Harry Belafonte

What is up with Harry B.? Most of us might say Harry who? I don't know exactly who he is, but he was famous once, but not any more.

Anyway he said

No matter what the greatest tyrant in the world, the greatest terrorist in the world, George W. Bush says, we're here to tell you: Not hundreds, not thousands, but millions of the American people ... support your revolution,
So Harry goes to a far away land to call the President the greatest terrorist in the world. That is down right crazy!

Alito Today

Looks like Alito made it through today. Why is it that the only "litmus test" that ever surfaces is abortion and the very thought that some one will over turn Roe -vs- Wade? You would think that there was nothing else to worry about.

Well Senator Kennedy from Massachuetts worrys about:

"In an era when the White House is abusing power, is excusing and authorizing torture and is spying on American citizens, I find Judge Alito's support for an all-powerful executive branch to be genuinely troubling,"

Well, I find in genuinely troubling that a man can abandon a woman in a car in the river and leave her there to drown. But I guess thats just me.

On No! Not Vick Again

Yep, Mr. Marcus Vick is in trouble again. Accused of brandishing a firearm, a misdemeanor. How much trouble does he thing his name will get him out of?

The quote at the end of the story says “It’s not a big deal. I’ll just move on the next level, baby.”

I wonder if that means he is moving from misdemeanors to felonies?

On No! Not Vick Again

Yep, Mr. Marcus Vick is in trouble again. Accused of brandishing a firearm, a misdemeanor. How much trouble does he thing his name will get him out of?

The quote at the end of the story says “It’s not a big deal. I’ll just move on the next level, baby.”

I wonder if that means he is moving from misdemeanors to felonies?

Friday, January 06, 2006

Next Football Fad?

Looks like some high school football players wanted to show solidarity for their team in a special way. Gone are the days of face paint, tattoos, even body piercing. Now the "thing" is branding. Yep, just like the branding they do to cattle. Except these boys used a paper clip. And it was encouraged by one of the assistant coaches! (link)

And where did the boys get their inspiration? From a fraternity Greek letter that was branded on the assistant coaches arm.

Bye Bye Marcus Vick

Well it finally looks like VT has had enough. Vick has been dismissed from Hokie football. Getting a ticket for speeding and driving without a license while in Hampton was the straw that broke the Hokie's back. It seems his attitude was that rules were for other people.

VT was really backed into a corner. He had been warned that more problems would be the end of his college career. The admiistration had to follow through or look like a bunch of liars.

I now look for him to declare for the draft. Or maybe he will continue with his classes and get that degree....NOT!

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Special Names

There is a drive-in, with curb service, in Beckley that we visit occasionally called King Tut. One special car hop would take my order and deliver my food. And when she talked to me she called me Honey. I sure she called everyone Honey, but I enjoyed it just the same. In fact, I like when the ladies I deal with address my by honey, darlin, dear, sweetie, sugar, etc.

When a southern lady does this, it is not threatening to other ladies, it is not a put down to the men, nor is it frowned upon by either the men or women. It is natural. This are the type of names the other ladies (Mom, aunts, cousins, etc) would use when talking to me.

I like being addressed this way. In fact, I have started the habit of using "hon" or "honey" when I deal with ladies. Mostly its in the form of "Thanks hon".

My experiences tell me that this phenomania is like iced, sweet tea...its found mainly in the south. Regardless, ladies keep calling me honey because it brightens my day.

Thanks hon.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

West Virginia Tragedy

I have to weigh in on the series of event at that West Virginia mine.

I put the majority of the blame on the new services. I'm am sure it was a happy place when the rumor was circulated that 12 were alive. But, how can the media print stories that have not been confirmed by an official of the company or the state? I believe that no media outlet wanted to be left behind on this story, so they rushed in and reported what everyone wanted to hear.

It seems to me that someone overheard some info, got it mixed up, wanted to be the first to relay the good news, and it then spread like wildfire.

There are no excuses for the media screw up in this situation.

National Education Association

The National Education Association (NEA), the country's largest teachers union, should be associated with educating our children. Last year the NEA "gave away more than $65 million last year to Jesse Jackson's Rainbow PUSH Coalition, the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, Amnesty International, AIDS Walk Washington and dozens of other such advocacy groups..." (see the link)

Plus, the NEA is a good place to work. It has approximately 600 employees, and more than half have 6 figure salaries! The president of the NEA makes $439,000. This is almost 10 time the average teacher's salary of $48,000.

How about these :

$15,000 to the Human Rights Campaign, which lobbies for "lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender equal rights.
The National Women's Law Center, whose Web site currently features a "pocket guide" to opposing Supreme Court nominee Sam Alito, received $5,000.
And something called the Fund to Protect Social Security got $400,000, presumably to defeat personal investment accounts.
$45,000 to the Economic Policy Institute, which regularly issues reports that claim education is underfunded and teachers are underpaid.
The partisans at People for the American Way got a $51,000 NEA contribution; PFAW happens to be vehemently anti-voucher.

It seems that the NEA is just another arm for the Democratic party. Maybe this info will cause an uproar in the teaching community. I won't be holding my breath.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

What About Diversity

If you ever have any questions about diversity, Virginia Tech has a page of diversity resourses. I wanted to understand the basics so I went to this page of definitions.

The definition of diversity is: "the fact that our community, both locally and nationally, is comprised of many individuals, each having unique attributes based on a variety of social, physical, and cultural characteristics. Included among these attributes are race, class, ethnicity, religion, gender, age, sexual orientation, marital status, veteran status, disability, political affiliation, and national origin."

And "The changing composition of our larger society demands that Virginia Tech prepare its students for life and leadership within an increasingly diverse society."

Equal Opportunity says "
that each individual is judged on his or her individual merit. Each individual is given an equal chance for employment, enrollment, and advancement."

And finally, Affirmative Action "is a tool used to facilitate equal opportunity. Affirmative action requires overt action and special effort to correct the effects of past discrimination, to eliminate present discrimination, and to prevent discrimination in the future."

Using these definitions, I came up with the following questions.

1. If campus Diversity is required to prepare students for life and leadership in an increasingly diverse society, then are those who are educated at Historical Black Universities and Colleges being given less of an opportunity to succeed? Also, what about a college that caters mainly to black females, such as Spelman College? Are students being cheated by not being prepared for life in a diverse society?

2. How can Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action exist together? EO says everyone is given an equal chance. While AA says overt action and special effort to correct past discriminations? Is everyone give the same equal chance or not?

It seems the diversity monster is alive and well at VT.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Gator Bowl Prediction

1/2/2006, Virginia Tech will play Louisville in the Gator Bowl. I heard that VT is an 8 point favorite. With this information, VT performance in the final games this year, and a history of VT faltering in the past, I will make a prediction.

Louisville will beat VT by a score of 38-24. In this big game, Vick will have a sub-par performance. VT's offense will have a couple of turnovers and the defense will give up a couple of big plays. Louisville by 14.

Let the game begin!

Southern West Virginia is getting new highways

In case you have not heard, southern West Virginia is getting 2 major highways. They are called the Coalfields Expressway (see route) and the King Coal Highway (see route).

According to one official, former Secretary of Transportation, Rodney Slater, the Coalfields Expressway will

"providing opportunity for people in the region to get to jobs, to schools and to market so that they can share fully in the economic and social benefits of this nation."

What jobs? The areas is loosing jobs and school children. For example, in Wyoming county the number of school kids dropped by 50% from 1980 to 2001. In 1980 there was an enrollment of 8,554 compared to an an enrollment of 4,284 in 2001. This according to a 11/5/2001 article in The Wyoming County Report (a publication of Ceckley Newspapers). However, the web site does go on to say "no way to quantify the exact economic impact of the Coalfields Expressway."

As for the King Coal Highway, it
"has real potential for opening up unused land for future development. Improved access may stimulate and accelerate development opportunities in areas that were once considered too remote for industrial, commercial or residential development." The road is being built because of potential and it may stimulate development.

Ultimately "
Forecasts of employment and population for this area are not available. As a result, it is not possible to quantify the amount of future development."

I believe the notion that roads are the answer to the economy is incorrect. Business climate and taxes are more important. I have driven I-77, I-64, and I-79 many times. And I have seen few manufacturing operations open close to the interstate. The roads will only serve to allow the people to drive out of the area to do their shopping and maybe leave. You may recall, the I-77 was nicknamed The Hillbilly Highway" because it serve as the road for many people to leave for Ohio and North Carolina in order to find jobs.

Good luck with the highways, but I won't be holding my breath waiting for a big positive impact.

The Bachelor

Tonight, I saw ads for the show "The Bachelor". You know the show, 20 young, beautiful women do what has to be done in order to "get" the bachelor.

How desperate are these women? Ninteen of the 20 will be rejected. The odds are not good to win. Rejected on national TV. That makes it even worse.

The male bachelor has nothing to loose. He gets to pick the woman he wants to be with and maybe have some fun with the others along the way.

There must be some good consolation prizes for these women to risk humilation on TV.